What is Green Screen Technology and How to Use It ?

Green Screen technology is just the sort of visual effect in the digital photography. This effect can be created through superimposing the background image of the subject with any other selected image. This technology can transport the subject in the world of fairies or in the world of imagination. You can use this technology to make corporate presentations by emphatically presenting the facts and figures of your report. It can also be used in the television stations. You can create effects in your documentaries or movies using this technology.

How to make pictures or images?

There are several tips and tricks to keep in mind while using this form of Brisbane corporate photography . A photographer first needs to decide and collect the background footage. This footage should be collected first as it will replace the background screen of the subject. Now, you can photograph the subject in the studio. Select the camera of good quality and that is able to capture the image well. The camera needs to focus your subject clearly. You can place the subject against a green or blue color background. These two colors are used just for they are farthest from the human skin tone. The subject should not wear any color that is the one selected as the background. This prevents from spoiling the quality of the final photograph. A Brisbane portrait photographer should also ensure that the subject is well-lit to prevent any kind of shadows in the picture. The background should also be well-lighted separately. The subject should be at appropriate distance from the background. This assists in creating a separation between the two. Keep the camera on the tripod that prevents from undue movement of the camera. After you have captured the picture you can use the editing tools to edit the photograph. You are able to add visual effects in the picture and add audio as well as video effects in the video.

A person can create remarkable images or pictures with the green screen technology. This form of photography is useful for the amateur as well as professional photographers. You can create exquisite Brisbane portrait photography with the technology. Even teachers can use this photography for teaching students. They can present the facts attractively and effectively as well. Anyone can use the technology to transform the world of imagination into the reality.

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