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“Gratitude” What are you grateful for?

That was the brief in this week’s assignment. And just whilst I’m here, on the subject (and I’ve got the microphone and YOU DON’T haha) I would like to take a minute to thank our tireless moderation team who spend their time helping you guys, all for nothing. Please join with me in the comments (if you have a minute!) and thank them too, Please!

As always we have THREE winners and we’ve had a last minute ‘nod’ to give away a prize to our winner! thinkTankPhoto are a professional camera bag manufacturer and have donated one of their ace memory card holders to the winner! They also have the most amazing FREE give-away I’ve seen in a while going on right now – check it out!

FIRST PLACE | HeartMySony (Please contact
“Not only does this portray “Thanksgiving Dinner” with the family, but her description of her taking the photo made me smile!” 

SECOND PLACE | Sneha Thakur 

“I might have stretched to more points if the top of the frame had been cropped a little lower. I do like the patient / physician image combined with supplicant hands – almost as if both are praying to find a way to make the patient well again.”


“This one gets 3 points from me. I like this one because it’s a good combination of the typical “thankful of family” theme but done in a nice photographic way. By that I mean photos were in the shot, but he also used nice DoF and I like the bokeh as well. This sort of shot is general enough that people can relate to it as opposed to some random shot of a person they don’t know.”

Great work to all our winners – thanks! Please make sure you check out thinkTank’s Give-away, there’s a camera bag to win every day and a massive grand prize to be drawn at the end (in time for Christmas!) you can find out more HERE.

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing what you all shoot for “The Four Elements”

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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums | Gratitude