FAQ about our NEW Photo Nuts E-Book

NutsBolts_Banner_300x250px-2.jpgIt’s been just 18 hours since we launched our brand new Photo Nuts and Bolts E-Book to readers here at DPS. In that time we’ve seen well over 1000 copies purchased and downloaded. The feedback so far has been amazing (I’ve added some of the information/sales page).

Thanks to everyone who has taken advantage of the Launch Week Bonus and bought Photo Nuts and Bolts already!

I’ve been inundated with email since the E-Book was launched – much of it has been simple thank you emails but there have been a few recurring questions that I wanted to answer publicly as I’m sure some have the same questions but have not yet asked:

What Type of Camera is Photo Nuts and Bolts Ideal For?

The book is directed at Digital SLR camera owners, but the principles explained apply to every camera, from the humblest pinhole to the most sophisticated DSLR.

You will get the most out of this book if your camera allows you to take control of the settings (as most point and shoot cameras and DSLRs do), but owners of fully automatic cameras will better understand how to deal with the limitations of their camera.

Interestingly it is not only DSLR owners but also point and shoot owners who are sending us positive feedback on this E-Book – it seems to be appealing to camera owners of all levels.

Can the E-Book Be Read on XXX (insert favourite E-Reader here)?

We’re yet to test the E-Book on every application and E-Reader but it is a PDF document that should be able to be read on many of them. We have optimized it for Adobe Reader (free) and therefore recommend that as the best application to use (please note that the very latest version of Reader is best, a very small number of readers have needed to update their Adobe Reader (free update) to fix bugs with reading the file).

Can the E-Book Be Printed?

Yes – you’re welcome to print this E-Book for your own personal use. Again – the resource is optimized for reading in Adobe Reader on a computer but if you’d rather have something you can touch and flip through – print it by all means. A number of readers have printed our E-Books out and bound them – thanks for sending your pictures!

Is Photo Nuts and Bolts Available as a Hard Cover Book?

At this stage it is only available as a downloadable E-Book and not as a hard cover book. I say ‘at this stage’ not because we’re planning a hard cover book but because we’ve previously had publishers express interest in our last E-Book (although have no plans yet for a hard cover version of that).

What Other Payment Options Do You Have?

At this stage the only payment options we have are as you see them on the sales page. Our payment system is via PayPal who do process credit cards. i know that they don’t accept payments from every country or every type of credit card but at this stage the system we have is the only method and we’re unable to accept cheques, cash, direct debits etc. We are looking into options for future resources but right now our current system is the only option. Apologies to those that this excludes.

What Currency is the Price in?

Prices on the Sales page are in US Dollars ($19.97 USD to be exact). While we understand not all of our readers are in the USA – the fact is that over 90% are and so we’ve chosen to work with this currency (despite it actually costing us more in conversion fees at PayPal as our HQ is in Australia). If you’re in another part of the world you can work out the approximate conversion into your own currency here (please note that it’s not exact as PayPal have their own conversion system and currency markets do fluctuate).

Where is My Download Information?

During the payment process you’ll be taken to a page where you can download the E-Book. To get to this page you need to click the yellow ‘complete this transaction’ button on the last PayPal page. You also should receive an email shortly after purchase that is sent to your PayPal email address. This email contains a link to the download page also. Keep this email in case you lose your E-Book as you can download the E-Book up to 5 times.

Grab Your Copy Today

I hope that this FAQ answers all of your questions about this E-Book. If you’ve not yet grabbed a copy you can get all the information on it (and the opening week bonus that we’re offering) and grab a copy here.

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FAQ about our NEW Photo Nuts E-Book

Get Complete Control Of Your Camera

Nuts_Bolts Cover Promo_P.jpgIn a recent poll 73% of our readers told us they wish they had more control over their camera.

In response to this we have published an E-book, explaining in easy-to-understand language how to get the most out of your camera.

Discover How Your Camera Works and Take Better Photos Today

Photo Nuts and Bolts is a brand new downloadable PDF E-book designed to help you know your camera and take better photos.

This resource has been written by regular contributor to DPS – Neil Creek and works through a series of 10 lessons centered around the basics of photography.

10 Lessons to Give You Control Over Your Camera

After investing in this book – you’ll be walked through the following topics:

Lesson 1 – Light and the Pinhole Camera
Lesson 2 – Lenses and Focus
Lesson 3 – Lenses, Light and Magnification
Lesson 4 – Exposure and Stops
Lesson 5 – Aperture
Lesson 6 – Shutter
Lesson 7 – ISO
Lesson 8 – The Light Meter
Lesson 9 – White Balance
Lesson 10 – Metering Modes and Exposure Compensation


Photo Nuts and Bolts Contents Page: Covering 10 Lessons on the Basics of Understanding Your Camera

By the end of it you’ll understand how your camera works and be in a much better position to be able to make decisions on how to best use it rather than just sit in Auto mode.


Photo Nuts and Bolts Features:

  • Takes you back to basics and builds your camera knowledge from the ground up
  • Smoothly animated diagrams, right in the page, showing complex concepts simply and clearly
  • Photographic theory made accessible
  • Demonstrates how technical concepts relate directly to taking photos
  • All lessons are written with a focus on helping you to be a better photographer
  • Diagrams, photographs, analogies and lists makes the book fun and accessible
  • Each lesson comes with homework and exercises that you can go away and DO to make what you learn stick
  • All lessons come with extra resources for you to go away and learn more about the topics covered
Sample Pages: Photo Nuts and Bolts is Packed with Useful and Beautifully Presented Teaching

Sample Pages from Photo Nuts and Bolts

Feedback from Photo Nuts Owners

This E-Book is brand new but the feedback from readers is already coming in:

“Thank-you, for such an innovative product. Just skimming through the book and cheat sheet tells me heart, soul and mind went into their production.” – Mary (Anacortes, WA)

“This e-book just got me inspired. I’m reading it at my computer, then dashing outside to test what I’m learning and then coming back in to learn more!” – Grant Thompson (Brisbane, Australia)

“I always knew my camera could do more than I was using it for and now I know where to start in doing more than just pointing, hoping and shooting.” – Ian Bishop (Boston, MA)

Brand New Teaching to DPS

Photo Nuts and Bolts is an e-book that centres around content published on DPS in Neil’s Photography 101 series of posts but has been updated and rewritten with a lot of new content including:

  • Over 5000 words of new original content
  • New chapters covering the topics of White Balance, Metering Modes and Exposure Compensation
  • Selected reader comments and questions answered and added to every chapter
  • Glossary covering lots of technical camera terms
  • All content has been revised and reviewed where necessary for more accuracy

LAUNCH WEEK BONUS: Photo Nuts Pocket Reference Guide

pocket-guide_200x240.jpgGrab your copy of Photo Nuts and Bolts E-book in its launch week and we’ll throw in a free bonus Printable PDF Photo Nuts Pocket Reference Guide.

This is a quick guide to get you started with camera settings in various situations.

For example if you find yourself Indoor in a low lighting situation it’ll suggest where to start with setting your Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. If at the beach it’ll suggest how to approach shooting in that situation.

It covers 10 situations and will help you to take what you’ve learned in the main book and put it into action in a practical way while shooting.

This handy little bonus will only be available for one week after the launch of the Photo Nuts and Bolts E-book. After the first week it’ll be available no more so act fast.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied that Photo Nuts and Bolts ebook is helping your photography within 30 days just let me know and I’ll refund your money – that’s how confident I am that this is a resource that will help you improve your understanding of your camera and as a result, your photography.

Download Your Copy Today

Be among the first to secure your copy of Photo Nuts and Bolts and to grab the bonus Pocket Reference Guide. This bundle would normally be priced at $29 but we’re offering it directly to DPS community members and subscribers at $19.97 (USD). Grab your copy today – Payment is via PayPal or Credit Card.


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Get Complete Control Of Your Camera

Help Us Improve Our Next E-book with this 2 Minute Survey

sneak peekOver the last couple of months here at DPS we’ve been working busily on getting a 2nd E-book ready for release.

This next one looks at the topic of getting to know how your camera operates so that you can use it to its potential.

We’re still putting the finishing touches on the e-book but want to make sure that it is as useful as possible for you our readers. To help us make it as useful as we can we’ve put together a very quick survey that asks you some basic questions about how you use your camera.

It also gives you the opportunity to ask you to submit questions you’d like to see answered in the E-book.

Complete the survey here

The survey takes less than 2 minutes to complete but will help us to make our next E-book as useful as possible to you.

Note: we’ve now closed this survey as we had a limit of 1000 responses needed. Thanks everyone for your responses!

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Help Us Improve Our Next E-book with this 2 Minute Survey

Please Help Us Support Natalie – Updated

201001061518.jpgUpdate: I’m sad to pass on the news today that little Gavin passed away earlier today. Our thoughts and prayers are with Natalie and we hope you’ll keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

I don’t normally use this blog to post about more personal things but as it relates to one of our much loved members of our writing team whose family is going through a very tough time I thought it would be worth posting in the hope that our community might be able to lend some support – after all, that’s what I started this site to do.

As many of you know, one of our long time writers, Natalie Norton, has an 8 week old son who is battling fiercly with a vicious case of Pertussis (Whooping Cough). On top of that, baby Gavin (pictured right) has developed RSV, pneumonia and most recently a blood infection.  

The severity of his case is compounded by the lack of medical research in dealing with this type of disease as it is particularly rare (though it has apparently begun to rear it’s ugly head in recent months). At this point he is definitely in need of a medical miracle. Happily Gavin is in one of the most reputable pediatric intensive care units in the United States, and he is being monitered and treated  by a dedicated team of doctors and nurses who are working around the clock to save her little son.

Natalie and her family are full of a remarkable level of faith and hope that their little boy will overcome, but obviously any prayers and positive energy would help! We are simply wanting to put this need out there to our community and would ask you respond in the best way you know how.
If that’s to pray – please pray. If that’s to send a message of support to Natalie – you can do so through Twitter or her blog (details below), if that’s to send some positive healing energy Gavin’s way – please do that. You can see updates on Gavin’s condition through Natalie’s twitter updates (www.twitter.com/natalienorton) as well as on her personal blog at www.natalienortonphoto.com.

Update: I’m sad to pass on the news today that little Gavin passed away earlier today. Our thoughts and prayers are with Natalie and we hope you’ll keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

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Please Help Us Support Natalie – Updated

The 21 Most Popular Photography Posts on DPS in 2009

Happy New Year from DPS!

To celebrate the arrival of 2010 and a whole new decade I thought I’d take a quick look back on the year that was here at DPS and share a list of the most visited tutorials and image collections on the site in the last 365 days. Enjoy!

  1. Long Exposure Photography – 15 Stunning Examples
  2. Learning about Exposure – The Exposure Triangle
  3. 10 Questions to Ask When Taking a Digital Photo
  4. 21 Wedding Photography Tips for Amateur Wedding Photographers
  5. 21 Great Reader Shots [And how they were Taken]
  6. How to Make Digital Photos Look Like Lomo Photography
  7. Top 20 Popular Point and Shoot Digital Cameras
  8. How to Use Textures to Enhance Your Photographs
  9. 9 Nude Photography Tips
  10. DIY Lighting Hacks for Digital Photographers
  11. 7 Photography Projects to Jumpstart your Creativity
  12. Top 10 Popular DSLRs
  13. 9 Tips for Getting Backgrounds Right
  14. How to Photograph Fireworks Displays
  15. 17 Amazing Wide Angle Images
  16. 11 Surefire Landscape Photography Tips
  17. Lightroom: What is it and When Should You Consider Using it?
  18. 23 Popular DSLR Lenses
  19. 50 ‘Must Have’ Wedding Photography Shots
  20. 21 Settings, Techniques and Rules All new Camera Owners Should Know
  21. How to Batch Resize in Photoshop

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The 21 Most Popular Photography Posts on DPS in 2009

Happy Christmas from DPS

Image by duane.schoon

Image by duane.schoon

On behalf of the team here at DPS Virtual HQ I’d like to wish you and yours a very happy Christmas (it’s just ticked over to Christmas day here in Australia).

It’s been an amazing year here at DPS and we’re incredibly grateful to you for reading, commenting, submitting posts, sharing us with your friends, subscribing and more.

This year saw DPS grow to a readership over over 3 million people a month and a over 350,000 subscribers. Our forum is coming up on 80,000 members, on Twitter we have over 20,000 followers, on Facebook there’s a loyal group of 5000+ fans and we’ve seen a lot of new features added to the site since our redesign.

Also a big development for us this year was the release of our very first product – our Portrait E-book – which is selling well and will help us to grow the site further in the year ahead. Expect another E-book in the new year with more on a variety of photography topics to follow later in the year.

It’s been a big year so over the next week we’ll have a slightly quieter than normal pace in terms of new tutorials – scaling it back to just a single new tutorial a week to give our writing team a break – but the forums will continue to crank as normal so stop by to share your holiday shots and tell us about your new photography gear!

Thanks to everyone for making DPS what it is – especially our writers, moderators and administrative team!

Happy Christmas!

PS: Sime (our Community Manager) sends his Christmas greetings here in the forum.

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Happy Christmas from DPS

Looking for a Last Minute Photography Gift For Christmas?

200912241359.jpgIf you’re anything like me you’ve probably left your Christmas shopping to the last minute (as I write this post there are exactly 3 hours left til the shops close here in Australia and I still need to get one more gift)!

If you’re still searching for a great photography gift for that special photographer in your life (or perhaps a treat for yourself) we’re happy to provide you with a solution here at DPS – our Essential Guide to Portrait Photogrpahy.

While an e-book is a little hard to wrap I’ve had a lot of readers email me today to tell me that they’ve just bought copies as gifts for family and friends. It’s particularly good because you don’t have to leave your house to get it and there’s no delivery fee – just pay for it and download.

Some are being quite creative in how they give them too with many burning the PDF onto CDs/DVDs so that they’re able to wrap it up. Others are buying them and then forwarding the download link onto the receiver of the gift via an email.

Learn more about what the E-book covers and grab your copy here.

We’re open to either approach – all we ask is that you help us out by buying a copy for each person you give them to.

PS: also check out these 10 great photography E-books which might make a nice bundle with ours!

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Looking for a Last Minute Photography Gift For Christmas?

DPS Goes Mobile

One of the most requested features that we get from DPS readers is that they’d like a better experience of viewing our site on mobile devices.

As a result – in the last couple of days we’ve been testing a new mobile interface and have now launched it. So now if you arrive on DPS on an iPhone or many other mobile devices (not all at this stage) you should see something more like this. It should load faster and mean less scrolling.


If you prefer to view the site as those viewing on a computer can see it – simply scroll to the bottom of the page and flip the switch that lets you go back to viewing it normally.

Note: this is rolled out only on the blog/tutorials section of the site and not as of yet for the forum area where things are a little more tricky!

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DPS Goes Mobile

Last Chance to Get 25% off Our Portraits E-book – (Updated)

200911301314.jpgUpdate: Thanks to the thousands of readers who took advantage of our opening week special – the discount is now over but the e-book and special bonus mentioned below is still available at an affordable price as well as the 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Just over a week ago here at DPS we launched our very first downloadable ebook (note: this is not a hard cover book) – The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography – a guide designed to help you take stunning portraits.

To celebrate our first ever resource we have been offering a 25% discount to anyone who purchases it in our launch week. This discount ends in 2 hours at 9pm US Eastern Standard Time.

Since launching we’ve seen thousands of our readers take advantage of this special offer and make a decision to improve their portraits – there has been an avalanche of positive feedback from them.

Reviews of The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography

You can check out just some of the reviews from other photography sites below:

  • Brian Auer from Epic Edits writers – “Truly a great resource. I don’t know how else to say it! This is definitely more than a random collection of articles or a typical book. It’s really a resource that you can learn from, explore, and go back to as needed. You may not need every single lesson today, but most of the sections contain usable information and instruction for a large percentage of photographers out there.”
  • DIY Photography writes – “Ok, the book is great and packs lots of great chapters (about 26, if you must ask). However, two of the chapters really hit a technical cord with me: As a DIY blogger, I could not not-adore the shooting portraits like a pro on a budget chapter which outlines a portraiture setup very much in the spirit of DIYP. I also loved introduction to portrait lighting which breaks down portraiture lighting and direction.”
  • David DuChemin writes – “It’s an ebook, it’s priced at an intro price of $14.95 right now and it’s huge value for the money….The DPS site does a great job of revealing the book, offers the intro pricing I mentionned (which is 25% off) and the darn thing has a money-back 30-day guarantee. Not even my books have that.”
  • Photo tuts+ writes – “On the whole, I found the eBook to be a valuable resource. It’s filled with useful information, laid out in an easy-to-digest fashion.”

You can get full details of what is included in the ebook on the The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography information page – or if you want to take advantage of the 25% off discount now you can grab a copy today here.

Just 24 Hours To Go on the 25% Launch Special

At 9pm US EST the price will go back up to $19.95 where it will remain – so make sure you get in now to avoid disappointment.

Add to Cart

PS: a special thanks to the many people who have sent in their positive feedback about – The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography. Your response has been overwhelming and inspires us to keep making DPS better and better.

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Last Chance to Get 25% off Our Portraits E-book – (Updated)

The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography – 25% OFF This Week Only

eBook.jpgToday I’m really excited to announce the official launch of the first ever DPS downloadable ebook – The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography.

Whether it be casual photography of family or friends or more formal portrait work – it is people that are often what our cameras are focusing upon.

This guide is all about helping you to maximise the results and take portraits with a WOW factor next time you see a person through your viewfinder.

Since starting DPS back over 3 years ago we’ve written hundreds of posts on the topic of portrait photography. One of the questions I’m asked the most by readers is for a condensed version of these posts – something that will help them get to the meat of the topic in a logically ordered way.

This downloadable ebook is a combination of our best posts from the DPS blog (updated for this edition) as well as newly commissioned (and never previously released) tutorials.

Add to Cart

25 portrait related topics are covered including:

  • How to bypass portrait mode on your digital camera and get great portraits
  • Photographing Children
  • Travel Portrait Photography
  • Environmental Portraits
  • Posing Tips
  • What to Wear in Portraits
  • Introduction to Portrait Lighting
  • Plus much more!

See a full listing of the topics covered here.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the pages inside:

Screen shot 2009-11-21 at 8.14.46 PM.png

FREE BONUS SECTION – Interviews with the Pros

The first section pages of The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography are largely ‘how to’ in nature. While the teaching is practical and meaty (we believe you’ll get a lot out of it) we’ve also put together a further 17 pages of interviews with some great portrait photographers.

While theory is great – it’s often when you see how someone else uses it where things really click – so as a free bonus we’ve picked the brains of six great portrait photographers and authors:

  • David Duchemin
  • Jack Hollinsworth
  • Chase Jarvis
  • Bert Stephani
  • Neil Creek
  • Kris Krug

Each of these photographers gives practical tips and more importantly – they each show us at least one of their favourite portraits and talk us through how they achieved the shots.

25% Discount – This Week Only

To celebrate the launch of our first ever e-book and to thank you for being a part of our community we’re launching it with a special 25% discount for one week only.

Normally $19.95 (USD) we believe this resource is real value for those who buy it – but with the discount you’ll be paying under $14.95 (USD) this week. The price will go up at the end of the week so make sure you don’t miss the special price.

Note: during the checkout process PayPal gives you an option for a Discount code – ignore this as the 25% off has already been applied to the price. Click here for a visual of what to do.

Add to Cart

What are People Saying about The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography

We released this brand new resource to a small group of our Twitter followers over the weekend just gone to get some feedback on it and the response has been fantastic. Here’s a few quick screen grabs of the very first tweets about it:


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that this is an ebook that will help you that if you’re not satisfied that The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography ebook is helping your photography within 30 days of purchase just let me know and I’ll refund your money – no questions asked.

Grab a Copy Today

Make sure you take advantage of the 25% discount by securing your copy of The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography today.

Add to Cart

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The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography – 25% OFF This Week Only

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