Wedding Photography Tips – Techniques You Can Use For Great Photos(continue)

5. Photo Edit Out the Red Eye - Most wedding photos are taken from too far away for the camera’s red eye reduction to work, but you are able to remove the red eye by using photo editing software like Photoshop or Picasa.

6. Save the Flash for the Most Important Pictures - Since it is able to take a while for the flash to recharge- plan ahead. Unless a “can’t miss” spontaneous photo opportunity comes up, save the flash for moments you most want to have pictures of, like the bride and groom cutting the cake, kissing after their vows, their first dance and so on.

7. Take Advantage of Optical Zoom or Your Feet - For those far away photos, use the optical zoom (not digital zoom if you can). If your camera doesn’t have optical zoom, and you are able to physically move in closer this is the better choice.

8. Don’t Let Shutter Lag Ruin your Pictures - While this isn’t a problem with film, if you are shooting with a digital camera, be prepared to compensate for the shutter lag. Some cameras take pictures much faster (or slower) than others, so if you haven’t done that already, get familiar with your camera before the wedding is really very important. When taking action pictures like dancing at the reception, take them the same way as you would at a sporting event. Try to guess what’s going to take place next and point the camera in that direction and press the shutter half way down. Be ready to take lots of photos anytime there are people moving, so that you end up with several good pictures. And on such an important occasion, it’s a good idea to take several of the still shots as well.

Hopefully these eight Brisbane wedding photography tips will help you make the most out of taking pictures at your next wedding. Until then, keep on practicing and have fun in learning photography!If you want to know something about Brisbane portrait photography and Brisbane wedding photographer ,click on the links in this article.

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A Special Lens for Wedding Photography

Special lenses for Brisbane wedding photography help photographers in putting their best foot forward. These lenses produce good wedding photographs and are preferred by wedding photographers all around. These lenses are made by companies such as Canon and Nikon, with some specialties like the Nikon Telephoto Lens and the Canon Wide Angle Lens. Other lenses like the portrait lenses are also used in weddings and can be hired at affordable lens rentals as the camera-subject distance is always taken care of by the lens itself. The wide angle lenses used in weddings assist in creating larger portraits than they actually are. All these lenses are special lenses for wedding photography.

These lenses can be leased at affordable Brisbane corporate photography lens rental. They produce good portraits and capture every expression properly. Photographers using these lenses count on them for everything. The resolution is clear, the tone is precise and the emotions are frozen in time. The Nikon Telephoto Lens and the Canon Wide Angle Lens help in taking clear and broad pictures even if the photographer stands at a considerable distance from the object. Their focal length is kept according to industry standards and their apertures are also quite wide.

All the zoom lenses produce high vision photographs for the emotions become very comfortable to gauge. Through zoom lenses, those expressions that might not appear properly in normal cases become very easy to freeze. Since weddings require photographers to be on their feet all the time, the lenses should be swift and scratch free. The lenses might not be something exclusive, but general lenses certainly do not work in this case. The usual lenses do not have the quality in them to produce perfect shots from intricate angles and this is something that only these specialized wedding lenses can accomplish.

Lenses used in Brisbane portrait photography are a reliable choice. Since portraits ask for precision and focus, these lenses can provide that and subsequently the portraits come out well. Along the same lines, these lenses can also be put to good use in weddings as the bride and groom will pose together as a portrait and the photograph may come out clearly. Wide angle lenses prove to be useful as the photographer is often standing at a considerable distance and might struggle to come close. These lenses make sure that in spite of the distance, the snaps come out well without any blur or distortions.

Wedding photography has always been a coveted form of the art and requires good equipment apart from expertise. If the lenses do not run properly, the expertise goes futile. The lenses help the photographer get the shots expected of him and multiple lenses prove to be the icing. If the photographer has multiple lenses, then photo shots from all angles become possible and taking them in the proper manner becomes easy for the professional at work. These special lenses can either be leased or bought and add many value to wedding photography.

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Photography Basics: Learning How to Use Film Speeds(continue)

The end result here will be crystal clear action; fast film is wonderful for shooting sports or anything that moves quickly. When you see a picture of a basketball player suspended in mid air, you know that the image was probably taken with high speed film. With a slower ISO, the player in question would likely be a huge blur. Faster film also needs less light and can be super helpful in such situations in which a flash isn’t appropriate indoors.

Lower speed film captures more detail because it has more time to accept light. It is important to keep the words “detail” and “blurry” separate here - more “detail” in a photograph can be thought of in a similar way to more “detail” on a high definition television - more of what was originally there will be visible in the photograph. The longer film can “see” a scene, the better the scene will be represented. Lower speed films are great for Brisbane portrait photography or images in which you wish to show great depth of field.

Film Speed Experiments to Try To get a good handle on how ISO works and what it does to your images, here are a couple of things to try out the next time you’re planning a shooting day:

* Get rid of your flash (if you have one) and take some fast film into a low light environment * Swing by a local high school, college, or little league game and try shooting (with permission) two rolls of film - one very slow (ISO 100) and one very fast (ISO 1000) - then have a look at how different the images turned out

Film speed is one of those great things to play with when you’re pretty comfortable with your camera and you’re looking for new ways to challenge your perceptions. Each speed has its strengths and weaknesses so it’s up to you to decide which one works best for you. Shoot on, photographers!If you want to know something about Brisbane corporate photography and Brisbane wedding photography ,click on the links in this article.

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Contemporary Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is a reflection of you and your soon to be spouse. It’s a very day that you may remember for the rest of your life. Your wedding day is a day that you celebrate your love for each other and shout from roof tops, declare your love before the world. Since weddings are such joyous occasions, there is no wonder why so many couples are opting to record their moments in a more contemporary style as opposed to the traditional style.

Contemporary wedding photography can not be pulled off by any Brisbane wedding photographer . It’s much more than just taking a photo, it’s an art that must be mastered to perfection. Simply speaking, some photographers have it and some don’t. You really do have to search for the right photographer to take contemporary photos.

You should look at as many photos of weddings that are done in traditional and contemporary styles as possible by each photographer you are considering. This will help you make a decision on the actual styles and types of photos that you want to have as part of your memories. You can determine which photographer best matches or exceeds you expectations for your wedding photographs as well.

If you are a free spirit type of couple, you should have that reflected in your wedding photos. Contemporary Brisbane wedding photography will surely bring that out in your pictures. They are more of an un-posed natural fun style of photography. Capturing moments and movement without losing the elegance of the shot may be very difficult, thus making contemporary wedding photography and art.

If you are not sure about the exact style you want for your wedding photos you should take advantage of the internet and browse some of the various styles. If you hire a really good photographer you should be able to work a few different styles into your package to get the variety you want. Just make sure that you have everything clearly included in your final signed contract. This way there will be no mistakes on what you want and expect for your photographs.

Have your memories captured the way you want them. It’s your day and you deserve to have everything in your personal way. A professional and experienced photographer should have no problems whatsoever meeting your requirements with contemporary Brisbane portrait photography . Take your time and do some research before you sign on the dotted line.

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Raw Vs. JPEG. Which Is Better

JPEG and Raw are two different types of digital files. When photographing with a digital camera you can save your images in Raw or JPEG format (sometimes both). A Raw file is an uncompressed version of an image that contains more data. JPEG is just the ’simple’ version of a digital image. A controversial question amongst professional photographers which file format is better Raw or JPEG?

Raw files contain more data than JPEG images, and as a result if you underexpose, or overexpose an image, you are more likely to save the image if it is in RAW format. There will be more information in the overly dark shadows, and overly bright highlights that you will be able to draw from during the post processing. Another very good thing about Raw files is that they do not deteriorate the way JPEG files do. When you edit a RAW images a profile is attached to the image called an xmp that contains the editing information. When you an open and close a Raw image to process it this is the file you are viewing. This is not the case with some JPEG files. Every time you open and close a JPEG file you are losing small amounts of Data, and over time this will affect the quality of the image. If you open and close a JPEG too many times your images then will begin to lose definition and begin to look pixelated.

With JPEG files you are able to attach an in camera profile that saturates color, increases contrast, or adds sharpness. When you are increasing the control in the camera, you are decreasing the amount of time you spend post processing. Adding the contrast in the camera eliminates a additional time consuming step during editing. Raw files are also much larger than JPEG files because they are uncompressed and take up more space. Therefore you are able to take less photographs when shooting in Raw format.

In the end the choice is up to the portrait photographer. Both JPEGs and Raw files have their positive and negative attributes, you must decide what is most important for you and the type of Brisbane portrait photography you are doing. Do you need to be able to take mass quantities of photographs without worrying if you have enough space on your card during a photo shoot? Otherwise are you a less confident photographer who would like the comfort of knowing that if you mess up you are more than likely able to fix an under or overexposed image?If you want to find something about Brisbane wedding photography and Brisbane corporate photography ,click on the links in this article.

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Tips on How to Pick an Expert Photographer

The big day is coming up! You have your dress, you have the cake picked out, all the bridesmaids are matching and your hair is looking so perfect. Is your wedding photographer going to be capable of capturing your perfect day just as the way you saw it through your eyes? Are you going to be 40 years old, looking through some old memory books and realize that your photographer was nothing but an amateur?

I seriously hope not. Hopefully you hire a professional that knows what he’s doing. If the guy shows up with a point and shoot camera or one of those Walmart disposables, you know you’ve got a problem. You didn’t skimp on anything for the wedding; not the cake, not your dress and hopefully not the person soon to be husband. So why on earth would you hire your high school best friend to shoot your Brisbane wedding photography ?

When choosing a wedding photographer, expect to pay at least $500. That’s minimum. If you want decent photography you might have to have your hubby get a second job at the taco stand to afford it. Trust me, you’ll thank yourselves in a few years. I have had so many relatives and friends disappointed on their wedding day for they decided to hire their Uncle to do their wedding photography instead of me, somebody who actually knows what he’s doing.

Final words? Don’t be cheap with photography only if you really don’t care about your memories. As soon as you have figured out which photographer you’d like to go with and he asks you if you’re sure you’d like his services, you’ll only have two words for him or her… I do.If you want to find something about Brisbane portrait photography and Brisbane portrait photographer ,please kindly click on the links in this article.Maybe you can find something useful to you.

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Artistic Wedding Photography – Creativity Makes the Best Memories

Finding a wedding photographer that is willing to use his or her imagination can be a challenge. For the most part, you are going to find a photographer that wants to take “safe” pictures of your particular day. Certainly,this makes a lot of difference.

However, if you are looking for something a little more, such as artistic Brisbane wedding photography you might have to work a little harder at finding the perfect candidate to take photos of your wedding.

Although taking safe photos is the typical method and preferred method for many photographers, you can find some that are willing to think “outside of the box” in order to make your wedding photos everything you want them to be. Here are some suggestions to help you hire an artistic Brisbane portrait photography company or photographer.

1. When you are interviewing the Brisbane wedding photographer , ask him or her how they feel about capturing photos that are more on the artistic side of the spectrum versus the traditional side of the spectrum.

2. Ask to see a portfolio of some of their work on non-traditional style wedding photography.

3. Explain in detail the type of photos you wish to have taken at your wedding.

4. Ask for ideas on some non-traditional and more artistic poses for your wedding.

5. Pay close attention to the body language of the photographer and make sure you are comfortable with his/her reactions to your questions. If the person seems uneasy about being able to capture what you want. I suggest you continue in your quest to find a photographer that is going to be comfortable with your needs.

6. Once you find your ideal artistic wedding photographer, you need to have all of your desires, needs and demands clearly put on the contract.

Having your wedding captured the way you want it is important. As you look over the wedding pictures in the future, you need to relive the entire experience again and again. The way your pictures are taken directly reflect you and your new spouse’s love, uniqueness and compatibility. Don’t trust your memories to any “Joe Schmoe” off the street. Check the credentials and ensure that you are comfortable with the individual.

The possibilities are just limited to your imagination when it comes to the artistic wedding photography. Don’t settle for the second best photographer, you should never have to settle when it comes to your wedding day.

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Family Portrait: DIY Using a Photo to Canvas Service

One of the spin offs of the ever-advancing digital photography industry is the proliferation of websites that offer photos on canvas printing services. You are able to use this convenient service to create your own personal family portrait; one that you will be proud to hang in your home.

You needn’t be a professional photographer. Any relatively new digital camera can be used to take a photograph of sufficiently high resolution to be enlarged and still retain the sharpness and colors of an expensive professional Brisbane portrait photography .

Through using the editing expertise and cutting edge printing techniques and equipment of a reputable online photo on canvas service you can save hundreds of dollars and still create a portrait that will become a family heirloom.

This is all you have to do:

Choose your subjects and props in advance: Decide beforehand who and what you want in your final portrait. Whether the subject is your three kids frolicking with the family dog or a formally posed anniversary portrait of your parents, it pays to plan ahead and prepare your camera equipment, props (and even snacks) before posing your subjects. Nothing spoils a portrait session quicker than a lot of bored or impatient expressions as a result of waiting in place while you find an extra light, recharge a battery, or decide on poses or backgrounds. Choose clothing and props for your subjects: Take into consideration where the final portrait will be displayed and choose clothing and props that will complement your background colors. Be sure all clothing is spotlessly clean and put on just before the photo session begins, especially when photographing children, for the camera is ruthless in spotlighting muddy shoes or grubby fingernails. Choose a background: Decide on a background that is simple and free of objects that may distract the eye from the subjects of the portrait. Sometimes taking the photographs in the same room where the finished portrait will hang creates a “just right” feeling as soon as you hang it. Be sure the background you select is a location where you will be undisturbed and your subjects will not be distracted. Shooting: Assemble subjects and props and start shooting. Be certain to take plenty of shots to choose from later and try various camera angles and settings. Choosing the best shot: Get your subjects involved in helping choose the best results, especially if the portrait is to be a gift for them. Printing and Framing: At last, but most important for a successful outcome, send your best digital photo to an online photos to canvas gallery website and then just be guided by their directions in choosing the canvas size and type and framing.If you want to find something about Brisbane wedding photography and Brisbane corporate photography ,click on the links in this article.

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Video Editing: A Step Ahead With Green Screen Technology

Video Editing has never become as easy as ever with green screen technique. The technique is also known as chroma key editing. It is editing technique where two images are fused together to create a single and finished image. Photographers use this technique extensively in film and television to generate a wide range of special effects.

Procedure of Green Screen Technology:

“Chroma” means color in video jargon and chromakeying works by shooting a subject against a background of a very simple and uniform color. A Brisbane portrait photographer uses blue or green color screens because they are as far away from human skin tones as it is possible to get. Additionally it is easy to use these two colors, as they are sensitive to the image sensors in the camera. The subject should not wear blue or green color clothes that can be same as that of the background screen. It effects the editing of the photograph or video. The background screen need to be uniformly lit and even the foreground subject. This is to prevent any kind of shadows on the subject or on the background screen. Keep subject and background as far apart as possible. After the very shooting, editing software replaces the background color by another shot chosen by the photographer. The most common example is that of a map behind the weatherman in the news stations. In fact,the person is standing in front of a green or blue color screen that replaced in the control room with a background image of a map.

Uses of the Green Screen Technology:

Video editing with chroma key technology is a user-friendly procedure to transform your videos and images and personalize them the way you desire. Mainly professionals deploy this method and they use for photo shoots for magazines, advertisements, newspapers and for the Internet. In Brisbane portrait photography , a photographer uses such kind of technique. One uses the method usually in the television or news stations. A video editor uses the procedure often in films which saves time and money in shooting. If you see your favorite actor climbing the wall or getting invisible, it is the consequence of this technology. The people who have Brisbane wedding photography as their hobby can also use it. One can use the technique at home as well. You need to mount a solid blue or green colored sheet on the wall. Take the pictures that you need to replace and after shooting the foreground subject use an advanced photo program to edit. This may eliminate the background of the picture and replace it with another. Teachers can also use the green screen technology by placing the image of a student in the area of the topic that they are learning. It is great fun for a person to use this advanced technology with expediency.

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Successful Child Portraits

I thoroughly enjoy shooting kids, especially when a parent announces that their child won’t sit for a good portrait. When my portrait session is over, the parent and the child leave happy; the child had fun and the parent has a good selection of images. Here are a few key learnings that were gleaned from children Brisbane portrait photography sessions:

1) Established Prioritized Goals

Talk to the parent(s) about what they are looking for and if they’ve had bad photo sessions in the past, learn what they think went wrong. Prioritize the goals so you have done the most important shots by the end of the shoot, but you don’t expect to shoot in prioritized order.

2) Prepare Fully

Bring the subjects in only when you are ready to shoot. Give your subject(s) a break and let them wander when you get ready. Get the technical side set (White balance, lighting, exposure, sets, props, and so on) so you and your equipment are ready for that optimal shot. You also need to learn to setup quickly, just don’t begin shooting your younger subjects until you are ready or you’ll lose their attention prematurely.

3) Maintain Control

You’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, so don’t let the parent dictate the sequence of the shoot. Listen to recommendations, but keep in mind what works and what doesn’t. Often times the right sequence is counter-intuitive to your client.

- Start simple and build in complexity from there

- Organize the sets based on the subject’s readiness

- Communicate your reasoning behind the sequence with the parent(s)

4) Warm-up:

Tell the parent(s) to let the child roam on and off the set; present some props to the child to play with, but let the child warm-up to you, the setting, and the idea of being photographed. Get down on their level, sit on the floor and talk sincerely to them. Win them over!

5) Keep Your Subjects Involved

Ask the child to help you setup, ask them to retrieve a prop, have the child press the shutter for one or two shots, and show them their pictures on the camera. Feed your subject genuine praise and encourage them. At the end of the section, sit down with the child and show them the images on the computer.If you want to know something about Brisbane wedding photography and Brisbane portrait photographer ,click on the links in this article.

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