Samsung project uses Galaxy S10+ to capture 943km panorama of Portugal’s coast

Samsung Portugal has detailed a unique project that involved its Galaxy S10+ smartphone, a boat trip and the creation of a panorama featuring 943 kilometers (585 miles) captured from the cities Moledo to Monte Gordo. The panorama, which is available to view on Samsung's website, was created from images of the coastline captured from the water over an eight-day trip.

The Galaxy S10+ photography project boat trip involved José Gomes as skipper, Carlos Bernardo as 'chronicler' and André Carvalho as photographer. Entries from the trip's logbook detailing each of the 8 days can be found—written in Portuguese—here. The final result is intended to highlight the flagship smartphone's triple-lens camera, which Samsung refers to as 'pro-grade.'

This is one of many massive panoramas, past examples including a 600,000 pixel panorama of Tokyo and NASA's 360-degree panorama of Mars published earlier this year.