Tropical Geese

Just got back from a trip to Puerto Rico for a few days and this is one my favorites. These two are easily the friendliest geese I’ve ever met (though to be honest I didn’t grow up around a lot of them). With a wide lens you couldn’t take more than 3 or 4 before he would come extremely close and try to eat the camera. Friendly and curious, but also hungry.


I’m not looking for any particular feedback on this one, but if you think of something please feel free to comment.

Exposure: 0.005 sec (1/200)
Aperture: f/10.0
Focal Length: 17 mm
ISO Speed: 100

Tips for Wedding Photography

Hi Everyone! I’m new to the site… well, not new to DPS, but new to the forums! Sorry if this question has been asked before, I couldn’t figure out how to search the site for specific thread topics…

I was just hired to photograph a wedding for a family friend who is on a budget. I’m MORE than happy to do it, as I would love the experience, but it is the “happiest day of their life” and I want to make sure I’m professional, not stressed and do a good job. Any tips, tricks, etc that you could pass on would be greatly appreciated. I have 6 weeks to prepare and I’m willing to put in the time to make sure I know what I’m doing, so point me in the right direction! Thanks!!


Anyone have any advice as to the easiest way I can get a sharp photo during post production?? I goofed on the pic while i was taking it and the opportunity is not going to be there again for me to take advantage of. I don’t need the entire pic sharpened just my dog. Help?!?!

Garden Visitor

I just joined this site and thought I’d try a post. I was watering a friends garden when this guy dropped in. I had my camera in my pocket and managed to get it out to snap a shot. I would appreciate any advice on composition and maybe how to get the wings to stand out more.

From 7-26-2008

Jul 26, 2008
1568×1600 pixels – 426KB
Filename: DSC00896.JPG
Camera: SONY
Model: DSC-S700
ISO: 100
Exposure: 1/125 sec
Aperture: 9.7
Focal Length: 17.4mm
Flash Used: No
Latitude: n/a
Longitude: n/a

Help Me Spend Some Money

I just traded in some video gear that I no longer use. I thought I’d like to get into video, thinking it was a logical step from still photography. But I found that I prefer still photography.

So I spent some of it on a Canon 35-350mm L. With that, here’s what I have:

Canon 40D
Sigma 10-20mm widezoom
Canon 28-135mm zoom USM IS (kit lens)
Bogan 3021 BPro Tripod w/ ProBall 308RC Head
Bogan Carbon Fiber Monopod w/484 Ball Head
Bogan L Bracket
Tamrac 5612 bag
Canon 340EX II speedlite

So I have about $1900 credit at Adorama to spend. I’m leaning more toward prime lens right now. And the first lens I’m seriously looking at is the Canon 200 F2.8L — about $700. But I’m not just interested in lenses. I’m also considering a carbon fiber tripod, since my 3021 is kinda heavy.

So give me some suggestions. What do you think should be on my wish list to help me grow as a photographer?

Bridal Picture

I’m so excited. I went to a bridal expo today, I was invited by a lady who owns a bridal shop (friend of a friend) to take some pictures of the ladies modeling dresses. I thought I was there only for my practice and experience (I’m shooting my 1st wedding next weekend) but when I got there she said she would actually like some enlarged shots of a few of the girls in certain gowns to hang in their bridal shop, I quickly ran home and got some of my lighting equipment and some black sheets to make a makeshift background to shoot them against (not enough room for my seamless paper set up) I think I ended up getting some nice shots for her and for my portfolio. Not only that but I talked with another photographer who had a booth there and he said if I wanted to be a second shooter at a wedding with him for some practice, let him know. I’m so happy right now, what a great day! Anyways I just edited one picture so far (not necessairly my best one) but I wanted to share my good news and a sneak peak photo for you guys. I’ll probably share some of my favorites later.

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