Help in sharing shots

This might not he proper place to ask for help but I’ve wandered around and can not find a better spot.

I do believe I need some help to share some the photos I’ve taken…I cannot quite figure out how to download them 😮

I sure would like to share some of the photo’s. I do have some of them on Flickr but I still am unable to figure it out.

I would like to thank you for your help in advance.

when I try to insert a photo this is what I come up with ? the little x is my link to flickr….I feel a little computer challenged

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Snow in the UK

Here are a few pics of the snow which we’ve had in the UK this week, where I live we don’t get it very often so this was quite a novelty. I took a trip down the road to the local windmill, we have 3 windmills in the village and this is the only one I haven’t photographed before. I was quite please with the results.

Oldland Windmill 1
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Oldland Windmill 2
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Oldland Windmill 3
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The night before when the snow was just starting to fall…
Badger Close covered in snow.
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Smoke Photography

The Drugs Dont Work

Equipment Needed

-Background (cardboard or other item). I use black for the starkness. But try inverting the colours as well
– Incense stick (I used dragon blood for this shot)
– Off Camera Flash (I use a 430ex with a cactus trigger)
– Cardboard
– Ball Bungie / sticky tape (to attach the card to the flash)
– Any Prop you want to make Smokey!

1) Setting up the shot
– Place the background up in a area set up for your studio. Since we are working with smoke you want it to be in a area with no breeze (so no fan either L )
– Get your light set up. What we want is a narrow beam of light so none falls on the background but you donÂ’t get any lens flair as well. So to the left or right of the shot works for me, a piece of card does the job nicely if you donÂ’t mind a ghetto set-up.
– Also set the flash to 1/8th power as well (more power cycles and you donÂ’t overblow the shot as well)
– Get your focus right. Do manual if possible.

2) Taking the shot.
– If you have a remote trigger and burst mode. Use it! Be prepared to take quite a few shots to get the smoke to get the look that you want. Eg the spoon shot took about 40 shots to get it the way it did.
– Underexpose by 1 stop. ItÂ’s a simple trick but it works for me. It crushes the black background so it looks nice and clean.
– Take breaks in-between shots to check your focus (and to get Fresh Air)

3) Processing
– if you get everything right in camera then processing is easy. I normally do my work in light room, adjust the blacks and adjust white balance if needed
– donÂ’t be afraid to remove some loose or spotty smoke! Just clone it out and be done with it.
– If the shot looks better flipped then flip it, if thereÂ’s no text or any way the people will notice it then whoÂ’s to know. Its Art do what you can with it!

4 – Think of title! (this is the hard part for me)
5 – Post Photo!

Perfect Angels…critiquie please

Ok..I took this picture this afternoon after weeks of snow it was finally 50 degrees out. I like the picture, but I think maybe the faces are a little washed out and it might not be as sharp as it should be. I did take it with my 100-300mm lens and did just a little bit of a crop on the right side. Any suggestions on the lighting and sharpness or what I could have done to make it look more professional. Open to all suggestions, I am very new to all of this. Thank you! One more question, a friend of mine was looking at the photograph and said that if I would have used a polarized filter that would of helped on the faces. Is that true?
Canon XSI
Av-aperture priority 6.3
Shutter Speed 1/500
white balance on auto
Perfect Angels...HaHa!

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