Composition and Light experiement

Hi everyone 🙂
I have a 365 project that I’m using to help me figure out this wonderful world of photography. I try to work on one or two concepts at a time and see what I can learn about them.
This week I came across a quote I wanted to visualize. I do that often with my project: Find a quote and try to visualize the meaning with my photography in some way using only the subjects in my 365 project, (which happen to be little dog toys lol.)

I was fooling around with the effects of lighting and composition to try to get something that I thought represented the idea behind this quote:

“Follow not in the footsteps of the masters, but rather seek what they sought.”
"Follow not in the footsteps of the masters, but rather seek what they sought." (by Axis Experience)

It was my hope that placing the subject closer to the edge that it was looking at would imply that he was searching beyond the boundaries of not only the photo but past it’s own personal limits.
Yes I know this is asking a lot of a little dog toy hehe, but I’m wondering if you guys would have approached this challenge differently, did I succeed in any way, or is this just a strange pic of a dog toy to you? :confused:

Tomb from a different viewpoint

I wanted to shoot this structure called Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi From a Different angle rather than from shooting such structures from straight(from the tomb’s main entrance).
Please Tell me about the snap and the viewpoint.

Humayan Tomb Diagonal

Make-Olympus FE 310
Software-Photoshop CS4
Exposure Time-1/640 sec
F number-F/4.8
Focal Length-6mm

I need all the input I can get here…

I am sick of working in a corporate setting. It’s degrading, demeaning, unrewarding and unfulfilling. I would eventually like to scratch out a living with photography… even if i make less than 30,000 a year, I would be content. The point is, I want to do something with my life that will make me happy, and being a wage-slave is not it.

So… I put a lot of thought into it. I know some of what needs to be done… But where should I start? Should I take a class here and there, or should I just jump in and volunteer to second-shoot some weddings? Obviously I’m going to keep working where I am until I feel that i can make the “switch”, but in the mean-time, what could I do that would help me get into professional photography?

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