Reservoir Dogs

My boyfriend is a fan of this movie. He bought some shot glasses last night and asked me to take a picture of them so he could show a friend. I personally did not like the movie…WAY too violent for a gal like me ­čśë But I DO like the pictures ­čÖé



Thanks for looking!

What Would You Do (#86)

This week’s what would you do is from Mr_Mackee who says he has tried to edit the photo in several different styles but has yet to be happy with the results. So he’d like to see what you guys would do with it!


Available larger

The rules couldn’t be simpler. Edit the photo in this post, then come back and show us your result and tell us how you did it. It may also be helpful to mention what program you used so that people who are new to post-processing know which program the terminology goes with.

If you’d like your photo to be the subject of one of these WWYD threads, simply drop me a PM with a link to the medium and large size of your photo. I use the photos in the order that I get them, but rest assured, I always use them.

Now, let’s see what you would do!

A Kitty’s Roar!

Just got my 50mm 1.8 II yesterday and I’m still getting used to using it! So far I love it! It has its quirks..such as the build quality, and a finicky AF, but the extra stops of light really help out indoors!. The first picture is out of focus, but I still think it makes for an interesting capture…the second has better focus, although it could be better!


Kiki's Roar


The Rag

I was on the way home from work today and spotted this rag in the middle of the path. I was going to just cycle past it and focus on getting home but something stopped me so I turned around, got my kit out (oo er!) and took a few shots. I thought it was a pretty good shot but I could probably crop the top bit down a tad.

ISO – 100
30sec Exposure
Focal Length – 33mm
Aperture Priority

Ant├â┬┤nio Prado’s Portico: what’s missing?

Pórtico Antônio Prado

This picture was taken with a Sony H50, Exposition: 1.3, Aperture: f/2.8, focal distance: 7.4 mm, ISO: 80, Flash: Off.
There is something that bothers me in this picture that I can’t tell what it is. I liked it though and found it a good shot but nothing more than a good shot. What you guys think that is missing to turn it into a great shot? Maybe should I wait for a full moon? Is it too dark? The composition could be different? Please help me on this one.

macro composition critique request

Hello everyone!
Today i had an interesting day while taking macro shots of roses.
The thing is that macro also requires composition elements. So share Your opinions of this shot for me.

Thank You!
Best regards,

Camera: Nikon D40
Exposure: 0.005 sec (1/200)
Aperture: f/6.3
Focal Length: 55 mm
Exposure: +1.33
ISO Speed: 200
Exposure Bias: -1 EV

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