getting money. getting equipment. needing advice.

all right…this time of year brings the lovely tax return and i am taking a portion of mine to expand my equipment family–but i need a bit of advice, or input, or questions to get me thinking… just any advice would be handy 🙂

here’s what i have:
rebel xt

the kit lens, 18-55mm
70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM

i have a couple batteries
a couple of memory cards
i have all the filters and hoods i need, with what i own
a great tripod

so, what i’m really looking for is a new lens and flash.

the Canon 580EX II has been highly recommended to me. though i don’t have the exact need for that ‘big’ of a flash right now, i have been told by photographer friends that i will not regret just buying this one right off the bat. what do you guys think?

lenses though…i need something between what i currently have. i have been looking at the Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6. what do you think? i don’t need to go with canon for this by any means, it’s just what i have sitting in a wish list right now over on b&h and canon is what i know best.

i have weddings coming up this summer, though i don’t want to do them professionally–i am more or less helping out friends. i have also done different kinds of photo shoots for families but am not planning specialize there either. i love freelance work the most…i have a friend who races his bike and i will be there. i photographed protests at the r.n.c. i have a film maker friend who uses my stuff as props. i am always up for the random job–whether my hair stylist friend needs business cards, the museum i work at needs help, or a writer friend needs help building a portfolio…

bottom line, i am all over the place photographically speaking, so finding equipment for a specific niche isn’t really going to work for me. if that makes any sense at all. i just am going in to a large purchase and would really appreciate any advice you have!

thanks in advance 🙂

Birmingham England sepia buildings.

Hi all hope your all well.

I liked the Liverpool shot I converted to sepia last week so decided to give it another go, this time taking my camera to my local city of Birmingham.

This 1st shot is the NIA arena where all the concerts are held by all he big acts.

This next one is looking up at the council offices over the famous fountain which is known as the floozy in the jacuzzi, sadly the water was urned of the day I was there, probably due to thecold weather.

Thanks for clicking my thread, all comments welcome, both good & bad.

The new tamron lens is awesome!

One of my buddies who shoots ringside and has done so for many years recomended this lens and Im so glad he did..

TAMRON 28-75MM 1/28

Cant wait on the new external flash coming in the mail I won on ebay yesterday to see how that adds to the photos !!![
Canon Speedlite 420EX TTL Flash

As always thanks to everyone on past comments/help/suggestions on sports photography! OLDWOLF your tips worked GREAT while shooting last night!! Thanks my friend.


365 Project hosting

Hey guys.

I know many of you do “365 projects” where you take a photo of yourself or your life every day.

I’m gunna do a shameless plug now.. is a brand new website set up to let you guys easily share your 365 photos with your friends.

You can easily follow other peoples 365 projects, comment on their photos, get RSS feeds to show on your website etc.

The 365 project is just starting out and needs lots of new sign-ups. So if you’re just starting out it’s a great place to post your images!

There are loads of plans on the timeline and the website is built especially for 365ers, so we need you to get in touch with recommendations and suggestions.

It would be awesome to see you guys over there!


I took this of a butterfly while I was in singapore. Can anybody tell me if the composition is ok? how about the sharpness? i have not done any changes except to convert to jpeg file? can anyone tell me what should i edit?
The aperture is f5.6, speed of 1/400 at an ISO of 400.

Attached Images
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Sony DSLR A200
Exposure 1/80
Aperture f5.6
Focal Length 70mm
ISO 800
Exposure Bias 0 EV
No Flash

This was taken in auto mode, so the settings were the camera’s choice. It was one of those “just happened upon” moments, tripod was in the house, and the sky was changing for the worse in literally seconds. I didn’t want to miss the moment. I know it’s noisy, but does it detract too much from the overall feeling? Of course, any other CC is appreciated.

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