Grown From The Ashes

Hello, this is Fatamanta! Actually known as the Nicki Photoblog a lot has changed. My point of view (photography) and the evolution of myself arranged this bold move. Of course, the man and the doggy behind the scenes are the same as always, but photography take up more space from just now. I was looking for something new and Fatamanta is the fine result. I hope you stay by my side ... that you will have a break here from time to time to view some moments that stops for a little while - to see my point of view. ... Matthew

Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Focal: 50 mm
Aperture: F/2.5
Exposure: 1/200s
Sensitivity: Iso 800

Fatamanta Photography
Emotive, Experimental, Urbex and Fine-art ... based in Dresden/Germany
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