Accessory Review: Nimbus Cloud Dome


The Nimbus Cloud Dome is a plastic bell-shaped light diffuser designed to allow you to capture evenly-lit images of small objects using a smartphone. Aimed at avid eBayers, online jewelry retailers, Craigslisters and macro photographers, the Cloud Dome provides a surprisingly versatile - and very compact - solution for shooting small subjects with your phone. Click through for the full review. 

PetaPixel asks: What should we call connected, app-based cameras?


It's a question that's been on Michael Zhang's mind, over at PetaPixel, and ours too. If Photokina 2012 had a theme it was definitely connectivity, and recent months have seen several moves by manufacturers to introduce smartphone-type functionality into cameras. As camera manufacturers continue to respond to the rise of the smartphone camera with their own solutions, journalists in the industry are faced with an interesting conundrum: what do we call these things? 

Everything you ever wanted to know about photography – but never dared ask: Photo Day 2009

Photo Day 2009, live on the TWiT Network on July 15th! Simple story: Leo Laporte hands Chris keys to TWiT Cottage. Chris sends shoutout into world of photography. Photographers from all kinds of fields show up to talk photography. Date: Jul/15 Time: 11 AM to 5 PM (Pacific Time) Location: » TWiT Live TV Guests: John Chiara (the big camera), [...]
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