15 Ways to Make Money with Digital Photography

15 Ways to Make Money with Digital Photography Ideas Presented by Your Guide to Digital Photography

It’s easier than you may think to make money as a digital photographer. There are a lot of different ways to make money doing digital photography and here are 15 to get you started.

Method #1 - Selling Stock Photography Selling stock photography is easier than you may think. Just take some of your best photos and submit them to Brisbane portrait photography sites. They will be reviewed and if it’s a good photo, it will certainly be accepted. You’ll get paid about $1-2 every time someone uses your photo.

Method #2 - Screensavers There’s a lot more money in screensavers than people can realize. Take a series of photographs along a theme and make your own screensaver. If the photos are really good, they’ll do great on screensaver websites or on eBay.

Method #3 - eBay Sellers Speaking of eBay, eBay can be a great source of business. eBay sellers often have very poor photos of images they sell over and over. Set up a local service photographing eBay items.

Method #4 - Wedding Photographer One of the more popular ways to work as a Brisbane portrait photographer . The key to getting Brisbane wedding photography business is to have a very credible website and profile.

Method #5 - Restaurant Photographer Restaurants often need photos of their restaurant or their dishes for their menu’s and websites. You are able to work directly with restaurants or make yourself available to designers who work with restaurants.

Method #6 - Real Estate Agents Real estate agents need listing photographs of new homes they’re listing. Get yourself a few real estate agents you work with regularly and you could quickly be booked with work.

Method #7 - Insurance Photographer People are usually required to photograph belongings they’re insuring. Often they don’t want to bother learning how themselves. By positioning yourself as an insurance photographer, you can do it for them.

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